All US orders over $69 - FREE SHIPPING

How quickly can I get my LighterBro?
Orders are processed immediately and ship out of our warehouse the same day to next day depending on when the order is received. You decide when checking out which method to ship.

Why should I get a LighterBro?
LighterBro’s functional yet elegant design is merged in manufacturing with only the highest quality Japanese 420 stainless steel and industrial processes available, so LighterBro can deliver a product of exceptional quality, durability and style. With proper care and use, your LighterBro will outlast many a disposable Bic® lighter it holds and bring you years of convenience and great times. Buy here!

How does the warranty work?
Our 30-day Warranty covers any defective product that might escape our Quality Control Department. See Shipping and Returns.

Do you ship outside The United States?
Yes, We ship to everywhere on Earth.  see for more details Shipping and Returns.

Can I buy stock in LighterBro?
Not yet.

Can you send me a LighterBro sticker?
Yes. Contact us for a request and we will mail you one. This offer is good while supplies last and only available for US orders.

How do I re-sharpen the knife blade?
The knife come very sharp. If you dull it, the knife is sharpenable using standard sharpening tools. Consult a qualified sharpener for instructions on sharpening non-locking folding knives.

How do you handle my personal information? Will it be given or sold to any other party?
Your information is only used internally and not given or sold. See our Privacy Policy.

Can I get on an airplane with my LighterBro?
You may keep it in your checked luggage on the plane. You currently cannot carry on a LighterBro.  For the latest federal regulations, please visit for up to date information.

Can I get my company logo laser engraved on a LighterBro?
Yes, but we are currently only accepting requests for high volume orders. If you are interested, contact us. In the future, we will be setup for lower volume custom engraving.  more information here

Do you sell wholesale?
Yes, see: Wholesale Ordering

Where can I buy a Lighterbro in person?
Go to any of these locations: Retail Locations

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