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How to open a bottle with a lighter?

If you only have a lighter on hand, here are the steps to open a bottle cap with a lighter: Hold the bottle with one hand close to the bottle.  Your fingers should be .25 inches below the cap. ick.) Hold the lighter with the metal end of the lighter away from the bottle. Place one edge of the lighter on the side of your finger closest to the cap.   Push down on the lighter to slip the other edge up under the cap. Squeeze down on the bottle and hold the lighter stationary while it acts as a lever to pry the cap off. If that is too inconvenient, we offer the following solution:  

How to open a Bottle with a LighterBro

Step 1. Procure a LighterBro



Step 2. Insert Bic Lighter in LighterBro



Step 3. Using the bottle opener feature on the bottom of the LighterBro to open the bottle as shown below 


Step 4. Enjoy your beverage!

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