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We at LighterBro, LLC recognize that life today is not quite as easy and simple as it once was. Today there are so many choices, so much new technology and everything is so expensive. Life today is more complicated than ever. At LighterBro we are doing our best to change that by making simple, reliable, high quality products that merge some of man’s best inventions into one great unifying product, the patented LighterBro® multi-tool.

Our goal is to make your life, lighter bro (sisters included too), or easier and more fun if you will, by building the highest quality and most conveniently unifying multi-tools you have ever used. Stylish tools that are not just made for everyday work, but for enjoying some of life’s simple pleasures after the work is done.

All of our products are engineered to the highest quality standards, using 3D modeling and advanced computer testing software and manufactured using nothing but the highest quality materials available for the specific application, which then undergo multiple sophisticated metallurgy processes to increase durability. All our multi-tools are built to last, assembled completely using rivets so there are never any screws to come loose and always constructed using 100% stainless steel alloys for ultimate corrosion resistance.

LighterBro’s goal is not only to impress you with the high quality, style, convenience and simplicity of our multi-tools, but also to truly impress you by how affordable that high quality, style and convenience is, so everyone can easily afford to live life a little LighterBro.


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