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All ways keep your LighterBro Multi-Tool clean. Wipe it down with a clean soft cloth or paper towel after use. If very dirty wash with warm soapy water, rise and dry thoroughly.

LighterBro is made of all stainless steel and has great corrosion resistance for use in harsh environments.However, rinsing thoroughly with fresh water after use in saltwater will increase longevity. (Notice made with stain-“less” steel, not stain-“proof” steel.)

Remove key chain ring if you only ever cary LighterBro in your pocket.

Stand LighterBro vertically by placing keychain ring in slot. Attach carabiniere through key chain ring and clip to your backpack for convenient use.

If your Lighter has decorative plastic shrink wrap, make sure to remove the shrink wrapping before inserting. Use the LighterBro knife to cut off the wrapping. The Lighter will be very difficult to remove if leave the wrapper on.

If lost in wilderness use the LighterBro “Mirror” finish as a solar signal mirror to signal rescue plane or helicopter by removing lighter and sighting at plane through back slot and front dip in top of LighterBro multi-tool. Sight by putting plane between sun and LighterBro and slowly oscillate LighterBro to “flash” the rescue plane by reflecting sunlight off the LighterBro logo surface.

LighterBro is the ultimate bait rigging tool for game fishing. Use the micro-scrwdriver as a poker for rigging leader through baits. The scissors cut thick fishing line with ease and the lighter melts the ends perfectly every time. Don’t let another one get away.

Looking for a way to save weight backpacking? LighterBro is the only tool you need to bring and weighs only 4oz. Start a warm fire, light your stove for hot coco, cut those vegetables, snip that fishing line, filet that trout, crack open those river chilled beers, fend off Sasquatch.

Sailing and boating now has an indispensable tool with a non-serrated super sharp blade, sharp enough to easily cut any modern high-tech line and then neatly melt the end and snip the whip to finish off any working line in the most seaman like manor. All while opening beers and cutting limes for your captain and coke.

Super Sharp Knife makes easy work of grip taping a skateboard. Use the micro-screwdriver as poker to mark the deck bolt holes. Look fly by cutting and burning those ratty skate shoe laces.