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LighterBro Lacrosse Multitool

Introducing the new LighterBro® Lighter Sleeve. A high quality 100% stainless steel multitool with all the tools you need for repair and restring your Lacrosse head. Perfect for your lacrosse tool kit or throw in your game bag for emergency repairs.
  • Cutting/ Trimming: The knife and scissors are razor sharp!  Perfect for cutting cord 
  • Melt the cord ends:  Keep your cords clean looking and free of fraying with a quick singe with the flame
  • Measure cord lengths with the integrated ruler on the rear of the Pro version.  Push the lighter up to the 1" mark and you have a guide to measure out 4" long NCAA shooting strings.
  • Tighten that head screw: With the Pro model's 1/4" drive, stow the bit of your choice in and be ready to keep that head screwed on tight when playing hard.
  • Trim that thread before your shirt comes unwound
  • Never have to live with loose glasses with the convenience the glass screwdriver in your pocket
  • Easily open all of those boxes and packages with the razor sharp knife


Engineered for lasting durability, function, and style. Your Lighter's buddy!

The LighterBro multi tools have very sharp blades and must be used with caution.