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LighterBro Clipper Lighter Accessories


  Super Sharp Knife: Cuts tough rope, fishing line, boxes & sharpen that stick kebab skewer

  Bottle Opener: Crack open & enjoy that cold drink

  Poker: Poke, clean, awl

  Repair stove or headlamp with micro phillips screwdriver

  Instant FIRE!  Essential for lighting up, survival & prep or simply cook up that tasty fish & lite the campfire







 Transform your Clipper Lighter into the ultimate fire-breathing muti-tool!

Compatible with both Bic and Clipper lighters: 

clipper lighter

  • Save Money and Time: Never loose your cigarette lighter with personalization and the secure lanyard leash

  • Save room in your pockets by merging your Clipper lighter and multitool

  • Spark a conversation when asked for a light.  You got a Lighter Bro?

  • Save time hunting around for a bottle opener when you need it most

  • Trim that thread before your shirt comes unwound

  • Never have to live with loose glasses with the convenience the glass screwdriver in your pocket

  • Easily open all of those boxes and packages with the razor sharp knife

All LighterBros are compatible with both Bic and Clipper lighters
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The LighterBro® multitool is THE accessory for your Clipper® Lighter! Why get a Clipper lighter sleeve accessory that does not do anything other than just looks nice? The LighterBro® multitool brings you an attractive high quality sleeve that is also extremely FUNCTIONAL. Looking for the best Clipper® Lighter sleeve, holster, cover, or case?  This 100% Stainless Steel multi-tool has stylish slim profile with useful tools to make your life a little Lighter Bro. The LighterBro seamlessly integrates a Lighter with a knife, Scissors, screwdriver, and bottle opener. Replace the feel of a handling plastic lighter with polished stainless steel.  You can buy it online HERE This patented and revolutionary unifying product combines the utility of a Swiss army knife, with the convenience of a Clipper® lighter into one compact tool that is engineered for today's modern uses. Transforming this high quality, refillable lighter into a versatile multi-tool that now has a super sharp knife, screwdrivers, poker, spring loaded scissors, and bottle opener while still being able to operate all the highly useful tools.  

Personalize your Clipper Lighter

With 6 LighterBro styles paired with 5 different lanyard colors and over a dozen Clipper lighter colors, you will never lose your lighter in a crowd again.   In addition to these useful tools is a key chain at the base. [products ids="2500,264,266,9713"]   Slide your Clipper® lighter in this attractive stainless steel sleeve until it reaches a stop. You will be able to use the bottom as a bottle opener. If you push a bit harder, the lighter will slide down even further to become ultra low profile/stealth.


Clipper Lighter Fuel

Clippers use Butane.  Clipper butane is a more refined iso-butane than Bic's which offers a cleaner burn. This colorless odorless gas reacts with oxygen in the presence of heat (the spark) to form more heat, light, water and carbon dioxide.  The chemical reaction is:  13O2+2C4H10 ---> 10H2O +8CO2 + Light and heat


Clipper Lighter Uses

The primary use it to start a fire.  The uses of fire are endless and all of those uses are aligned with the Clipper.


Clipper vs Bic

The biggest functional difference between Clipper and Bic is that the Clipper is refillable.  This is a money saving benefit as well as an environmental benefit. Clipper offers thousands of designs  as they offer something new every couple months.  Bics have an elliptical profile while Clipper's most popular models are round with a bulge under the button.  


Clipper Lighter Poker

Pull out the flint where and underneath is a long shaft holding the flint which can be used as a poker.


Clipper Lighter Refill

Procure a can of butane gas.  Hold lighter upside down. Upside down avoids injecting air into the lighter. 2. Press the stem of your refill can onto the red refill valve on the bottom of the clipper.  LighterBro reminds you that its blades are extremely sharp. Use caution when opening, closing, and using the knife and scissors. Use common sense.