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LighterBro Lighter Sleeve

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Introducing the new LighterBro® Lighter Sleeve. A high quality 100% stainless steel lighter sleeve that turns and ordinary Bic lighter into a fire breathing multi-tool.

  • Save Money and Time: Never loose your lighter with personalization and the lanyard leash
  • Spark a conversation when asked for a light.  You got a Lighter Bro?
  • Save room in your pockets by combining your lighter and multitool
  • Save time digging around for a bottle opener when you need it
  • Trim that thread before your shirt comes unwound
  • Never have to live with loose glasses with the convenience the glass screwdriver in your pocket
  • Easily open all of those boxes and packages with the razor sharp knife


Metal Lighter Sleeve

Built to outlast many dozen of Lighters.  When looking for a metal lighter sleeve, take a close looks at the LighterBro This compact lighter sleeve sells for under 15 bucks, yet has the quality of tools twice the cost. Read LighterBro's product reviews and hear about the many happy owner of this fine lighter sleeve. LighterBro is an all Stainless Steel Multi-Tool. It is the one Lighter Sleeve that not only looks stylish, but provides several useful tools for everyday life. Lighten your life!

Bic Lighter Sleeve

Every LighterBro multi-tool lighter sleeve integrates these useful and high quality tools: Bottle Opener, Knife, Scissors, and Screwdriver. Slide your Bic lighter into the LighterBro and you are now equipped to handle so much more. Great for fishing, camping, partying, BBQs, outdoor survival, and tinkering.  

Personalize your Lighter

With 6 LighterBro styles that you can pair with 5 different lanyard colors and over a dozen Bic lighter colors, you will never loose you lighter in a crowd again.   In addition to these useful tools is a key chain at the base.

Engineered for lasting durability, function, and style. Your Lighter's buddy!

The LighterBro multi tools have very sharp blades and must be used with caution.