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Meet the 2017 LighterBro Skate Team

Skateboarding Is a big part of the inspiration responsible for the LighterBro design, innovations, logos, and our culture.  The inventor of the LighterBro multi tool, Kyber, started skating almost as soon as he could walk and has never stopped.  Part of our mission is to help the progression of the sport.  We could think of no better way to do this than support those on the cutting edge of the sport by forming the LighterBro Skate Team.  Check them out and if you want to support them too, the best way is to follow them and buy their signature LighterBros.  When you buy a signature skate team LighterBro, the profits go directly to that skater.  You will be helping them on their mission to progress the sport with new tricks, innovations and inspiration for us all.


Sean Bolis

Pro Team Skater/Manager


Vinnie Banh

Pro Skater


Shuriken Shannon

Pro Skater


Zander Gabriel

Pro Skater



More Team bios coming soon...