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Vinnie Banh

24yrs - Southern California



We got a chance to interview Vinnie. Read on to get to know him better, but before you do, check out Vinnie's signature LighterBro designed by him.  This limited edition signature LighterBro kicks off the launch of the LighterBro Skate Team in style.  Get the same skate lifestyle that inspires Vinnie for yourself here!   


How long have you been skateboarding?
13 years

Why did you start skateboarding?
I started because of skateboarding made me different and it kept me out of trouble.

Where are you from originally?
I was born in Boston, but raised in Wichita Kansas. 


Where do you live now?
I live in sun valley California 

How's the skate scene back home compared to the skate scene your in now?
⁃The skate scene home wasn't all too big. A lot of people couldn't get along, and most would quit before they seen the potential they had.

Who are your sponsors?
Mutilation co, acetrucks, diamond supply co, autobahn wheel co, lacordathreads, switchmade elsenornewyork, gripgum, skatebalm, nikesb, royaltrappings, oak and marble hats,  grizzlygrip, blkwddenim boarders northridge, mongopod, & Lighterbro

How does it feel to be a pro skateboarder?

I'm completely thankful to be giving the opportunity! Mind blowing feeling, but I can't let that change how I feel about skateboarding!

How does it feel to have a signature LighterBro out?

It's crazy to have a signature LighterBro, who wouldn't want to have a handle lighter case tool that could be used for just about any activity. 

Who are your top 3 pro skateboarders?

Top 3?? That's hard to just choose top pros they are all really amazing but I really like to watch Shane O'Neil, Micky papa, P Rod, Eric Koston, Tommy Fynn & Nyjah Huston videos!

What is your warm up routine when you get to a spot and are about to drop some hammers?

I warm up with a couple ollies depending what it is. If it's a rail I just board-slide or 50 depending which side After warming up the blood that when I stretch. 


Street or Vert?

Street since day one but one day I'll skate more vert! 

Do you skate contests?

I do, but I haven't since I turned pro. 

You dropped 6 video parts in 2016, how many parts do you want to drop in 2017?

The goal is 7 but 6 would be amazing!!

How's your Youtube channel doing?  Its only been up for a few months right and growing an audience? 

  I just hit 8,000 subscribers and it's January 8th 2017 & I started vlogging  in September 26th 2016.

Do you have any skate trips planned for this year?

Hopefully go to Tampa and up to see the bay!!

Are you going to enter any contests this year?

I want to enter Tampa pro & any other pro contests

Is there anyone you want to shout out?

Everyone that supported me since I started & to everyone that helped me since I moved to California! 

Where can people go to keep up to date on your progress with skateboarding? Youtube, Insta, Snapchat, Facebook etc?

YouTube channel: 






What do you think about the LighterBro?

Lighter bro is legit! Hard to lose, very useful, great idea to come up with & amazing tool to have that is pocket size