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Shuriken Shannon

30yrs - San Diego



We got a chance to interview Shuriken. Read on to get to know him better, but before you do, check out Shuriken's signature LighterBro designed by him.  This limited edition signature LighterBro kicks off the launch of the LighterBro Skate Team in style.  Get the same skate lifestyle that inspires Shuriken for yourself here.



How long have you been skateboarding?

Why did you start skateboarding?
For the passion and Lifestyle

Where are you from originaly?
San Diego, CA

Where do you live now?
Still in San Diego

How has the skate scene changed in SD since you were a teenager to how things are now?
Everybody has been doing their thang now still on the grind just on a bigger scale from when we were all young still ripping.


Who are your sponsors?
Independent Trucks, OJ, Remind Insoles, Simple Times

How does it feel to be a pro skateboarder?
Its been a crazy ride. Had some highs and had some lows but still rollin and plenty more exciting things to come

Who are your top 3 pro skateboarders?
Wes Kremer, Guy Mariano, Nick Tucker

Who do you skate with during a typical week in SD?
My roommates, Tommy Sandoval, and the whole SD crew haha

What is your warm up routine when you get to a spot and are about to drop some hammers?
Straight hammertime bro haha couple no complies and tre flips

Street or Vert?
Do Both

Do you skate contests?
Not invited... Tampa pro is the best tho

What do have planned for skateboarding in 2017?
A whole lot of trickery haha more video projects, a few new sponsors, and live it up

Tell us about your company Simple Times?
Yeah its a project with the homies... Just want to make a bunch of simple product like acessories, tees, and a bunch that we like and are influenced by skateboarding lifestyle, Music, Art.... Simple Times Are Coming watch out now

Do you have any skate trips planned for this year?
Making plans now gonna try to roll and cover as much ground as possibly push on

Are you going to enter any contests this year?
Invite a brotha

Is there anyone you want to shout out?
All the people that have supported a brotha through this rocky road and keep on pushing

Where can people go to keep up to date on your progress with skateboarding? Youtube, Insta, Snapchat, Facebook etc.
@ShurikensJoint on Insta

Black Elvis On Snap, ShurikenShannon for FaceTube

What do you think about LighterBro?
The Bros are awesome... Love what you guys are doing the vibe on everything is great. The LighterBros are really useful with everything I do