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The Limited Edition Dope LighterBro® MultiTool is available for a limited time only online.  Only 99 of these were produced & we do NOT plan to make more so you can be assured none of your friends will have one just like it.  


The LighterBro® Classic multi-tool is manufactured using 100% imported Japanese 420 Stainless Steel and highly polished to a mirror finish. Its knife, screwdriver and scissors are spring loaded for fast action and bottle opener is integrated into bottom of the multi-tool for instant use. Push the lighter past bottle opener stop for a more compact package when carried. LighterBro logo is laser engraved for maximum durability. Lighten-up with LighterBro Today! Lighter not included. LighterBro® Classic multi-tool weighs only 1.75 Oz Works with Bic® and Clipper® Lighters

Customer Reviews

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Brandon Allen
Don't leave home without it

I have had a lighterbro for years now and feel lost without it...the number 1 smokers tool. Got to love the handy dandy poker

Nikki Clark
Loveeee LighterBro’s!

I have a good little collection of lighter holders going on! I absolutely love LighterBro!!! I have tried token pokers and some other lighter holders and do not love them the way I love LighterBro! It’s definitely sturdy and always used for something! Thank you guys for always being 100%!! We loveeeee you guys as people and a company!

Dope Lighter Bro Classic

I have a classic which I love and have had for three years. My brother got one when he saw mine, and now I bought this one for my 'of age' son as a stocking stuffer. It looks awesome! The leaf contrasts with the black finish just right. I am sure he will love it because he likes mine. Thanks for the clip and sticker on my order by the way. I'll show off your product to anyone willing to listen. Job well done! Thank you Lighter Bro team.

Anthony Romero

love this lighter case just wish i could find refilable bic lighters that fit

Peter Force
My Third LighterBro! Dope model!

This is a great multi-tool. I grabbed this specifically for the “Dope” design. Ill admit Im a bit of a collector but with any kind if tool i try to avoid junk. LighterBro helps this. My first LB was a gift and if you like multi-tools (even if you are not a smoker at all) they are great!
Everything from campfires to barbecues and you’re set. The bottle opener is used often throughout these types of events. Whether in the backyard or a few 100 miles from home a LighterBro is part of my EDC.
The blade of course is self explanatory but is good and sharp. Cutting a cigar nice and perfect for using the leaf only OR smoking the cigar and prefer to cut the end-Not a problem. This scissors are perfect for any job.The end of that cigar wrap needs clipping? It will with ease. At the same time I recently used one to cut a 6 foot posterboard and of course it wasn’t the best choice but it worked with proper handling.
The poker/screwdriver I always called it a poker I never used the screwdriver but I tested it on a few things and it will fit your eyeglasses and so forth.
Finally but very important -everything is all nice and pinned together.Making it a solid tool for all kinds of various jobs.