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The Limited Edition Rose LighterBro® MultiTool is available for a limited time only online.  Only 192 of these were produced so you can be assured none of your friends will have one just like it.  This is a generation 3 Classic LighterBro which we just released.  It has a new a poker that is 60% stronger and fits both micro phillips and flathead screws.  


The LighterBro® Classic multi-tool is manufactured using 100% imported Japanese 420 Stainless Steel and highly polished to a mirror finish. Its knife, screwdriver and scissors are spring loaded for fast action and bottle opener is integrated into bottom of the multi-tool for instant use. Push the lighter past bottle opener stop for a more compact package when carried. LighterBro logo is laser engraved for maximum durability. Lighten-up with LighterBro Today! Lighter not included. LighterBro® Classic multi-tool weighs only 1.75 Oz Works with Bic® and Clipper® Lighters

Customer Reviews

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A MUST HAVE! Absolutely Unique, Amazing Quality, Always Handy!


I absolutely LOVE this product!! I've been obsessed with LighterBro since my best friend introduced me to the brand about a decade ago! I'm so proud of how far the company has come. Super excited for the strengthened pokers/screwdrivers! I'm obsessed with this gorgeous chameleon blue/purple color as well! 😍 It changes as different lighting hits it, making it a nice lil entertaining, "ooh shiny" too!

Went to replace the battery in car key fob, but the screw was corroded, & at AutoZone they didn't have a screwdriver that would fit, so I said, "need a LighterBro?" It worked PERFECTLY! When I tell you I use this thing for EVERYTHING, I MEAN it! I love every component of this model! 🥹 I'm trying to think of constructive criticism, but I have none! It's one of the niftiest gadgets you will ever own!

My best friend introduced me to LighterBro around 2013/14- My bf, friend, & I went to the Cannabis Cup in CO, & he got a gold LighterBro from their booth. He moved out of state about a year after, & I found his LighterBro in my bf's back seat. My bf & I visited him a couple months later & I asked if he wanted it back, he told me to keep it. He ended up passing away about 4 months later..

I still have his OG LighterBro to this day, & my mom recently got me this one for an early xmas present 🥹🥰 Thank you mommie!!

Also, hanging out at my bf's last week, (same bf as back then lol) & he was checking out my new LighterBro, so "ding" I got an idea💡 I decided to get him one for his birthday, which is the 13th 💞 didn't get paid until recently, so I'm making him a medicated cake & I got him the gen3 with the pot leaf design for his birthday (it's set to arrive via mail tomorrow 😍 I can't wait to give it to him!)

Thank you LighterBro, for the nostalgia of better days with my homie, & for giving me an awesome gift to give my bf!

Much love fam!

Jay tbow
My lighters best friend

I’m so happy to have found these lighterbro’s. They are top quality workmanship and materials. Great gift for butt heads and pot heads. I have about 6 of these all around the house and Jeeps. Love love love lighterbro. Thank you

Zach meeks

Purple Rose Flame LighterBro® Gen 3

Maddie Roane
Literally a lifesaver

Lots of gifts like stickers and a lanyard. Great quality and look badass. Def would buy again

Greg Christenson
Best Looking Lighter Case on the Market

The most beautiful and functional piece of equipment i have!! Gotta have one!