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The LighterBro® Slim multi-tool is the slimmer, lighter version of the Classic.  It weighs only 1.4oz and is 0.68" thick.  Like the Classic LighterBro, it is manufactured using 100% imported Japanese 420 Stainless Steel and highly polished to a mirror finish. It has a knife, new poker/screwdriver (70% stronger than the classic).  Tools are spring loaded for fast action and bottle opener is integrated into bottom of the multi-tool for instant use. Push the lighter past bottle opener stop for a more compact package when carried. LighterBro logo is laser engraved for maximum durability. Lighten-up with LighterBro Today! Lighter not included. LighterBro® Slim multi-tool weighs only 1.4 Oz Works with Bic® and Clipper® Lighters  



Customer Reviews

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Dank son!

Dope sick tight

Best tool!

Ever since I sailed into Santa Barbara and Kyber gave me one I’ve been using them and handing them out to friends. Best tool ever!

lighter bro Slim!

Just recently purchased the new lighter bro Slim And I really like it It's just like the Mini lighter bro all grown up It has the flat poker That I like From the Mini And the Outline logo is really cool


The Lighterbro Slim is very nice! Very well made and exelent materiel! I own at least one each of the other 3 models. All are outstanding products. I carry and use them every day. Indispensable. The slim is great but I can't decide which is my favorite. I often use electronic bics and they are about 1/8 in slimer than a standard bic. Just thinking out loud. Super Slim? Customer for life. Thank you! Blackowl

The gift that keeps on giving

I received my very first lighter bro about 3 years ago! Used it everyday since. Its always been handy some way or another and can just about withstand anything I put it do. After 3 years its still a solid piece and fully functional. When I heard LighterBro Slim was out, I knew I had to get one. This model is lighter yet feels just as durable if not more than before. The knife comes sharp and ready for action and the poker has been redesigned to provide a much sturdy tool. The Slim is the equivalent to a middle weight champ whereas the Original LighterBro would be the heavy weight champ.