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Comes in Black or Silver.

Introducing the NEW LighterBro® Pro Multi-Tool. Constructed of 100% hardened 400 series stainless steel and engineered with the all the original LighterBro tools, plus 13 new tools at even less weight than the original, but with tons more functionality. Now when you’re snowboarding, sailing, fishing or hiking you are prepared for anything and a good time!

Standard and metric rulers make small measurements a snap.

Standard ¼” drive socket accepts any ¼” bit to turn any type of screw. TIP: if lots of pressure or torque is required, then insert lighter upside down into sleeve, so bit presses against the lighter’s flint wheels and crank away.

LighterBro Pro securely holds a ¼” #3 Phillips screwdriver bit at the bottom of the sleeve so you can conveniently tighten your snowboard bindings. Locking #3 Phillips bit is included with LighterBro® Pro. TIP: remove bit to get lighter to bottom of sleeve.

5/16” and 3/16” sockets are also included for convenience.

A shackle key or wing nut wrench is conveniently located on the side of the LighterBro® Pro, helping sailors and boaters conveniently get the job done. TIP: extend the lighter part way out of the sleeve for more leverage when the turning gets hard.

Two Nut Grabber wrenches located on the side of the LighterBro® Pro securely grip any size nut or bolt that fits in its jaws be it standard, metric size or even badly stripped. One Nut Grabber loosens and one tightens. TIP: if the bolt head is too big, slide it through at an angle and try using the gripping teeth on the shaft of the bolt or screw.

The round hole opposite the ¼” drive is a secure attachment point for a carabiner or lanyard.

Customer Reviews

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Been using your product for years probably the handiest thing someone could keep in there pocket. Ive got a couple kick in around and my dads hooked now too, the one I just bought was a replacement for the one he dropped down the ice fishing hole a few weeks back lol.

Absolute necessity for anyone that caries a Lighter!

A perfect gift for anyone!
Unless this device gets stolen, miss placing your flame is a thing of the past!
Bought my first LighterBro Pro 5 years ago, and they even included a free "Clip".
Caught lots of attention when ever used in public and if it I mistakenly misplaced it, everyone knew it was my LighterBro!
As and avid motorcyclist, this tool has saved me from being stranded roadside many times.
Finally a honest company which has produced a well built and functional tool, the first time!
Carried this everyday for 4 years until it was stolen!


Perfect..and arrived so fast barely had time to put down the phone...ordered quite a few times and never had a problem.great products great company.

Lighter bro pro

Love this thing. I can loosen a 5/16 screw in a pinch without going back to the truck for a tool

Excellent item

Long time LighterBro customer, first time getting the Pro. Perfect