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LighterBro is spreading the love & taking away the money barrier! So, YOU decide what price you pay for our LighterBro MultiTool!

Unlike all other product sellers, we want you to set the price. We did our best to make the most useful & highest quality tool ever! Now it’s your turn to own the LighterBro at whatever price you see fair. $100, $10, or a few bucks? It’s totally up to you. We are positive you will love your LighterBro, staying a life long customer, & buying them for your family & friends as awesome gifts, that we are ok whatever you pay.

Primary Tools:

  • Knife
  • Poker
  • Scissors
  • Micro Phillips  Eyeglasses Screwdriver
  • Bottle Opener
  • Key ring
  • Carabiner Anchor
  • 1/4" Drive Socket

100% 400  series stainless steel

If you go above and beyond, you get a bonus as listed here:

$20 - You get a bonus full size Black LighterBro w/ Titanium gold tools.

Weight: 1.8oz  Steel Type: 420 HT Stainless Lighter Compatibility: Regular Bic  & Regular Clipper Lighter-  Sold Separately 

Customer Reviews

Based on 296 reviews

Came a few days early!! Love the packaging and the stickers. You guys are awesome!

Chris Lee
Gave a little a lot

Got way more then I thought and I'm spreading the word gave one to all my friends put stickers on my truck

Ryan Burham
BadAss tool

I’ve used lighter bro for years and it’s the best lighter tool out there. If you use medical or recreational cannabis you need one or three of these as I bought ten. Hahahah

Jacob Losch
Best gadget ever!

Very slim and lightweight. The micro version is for mini bic and it’s tools are a eyeglass flathead screwdriver/pick. As well as a little knife. And the normal versions tools are a mini set of sissors, and eyeglass philips head screwdriver/pick. And a larger size knife! Of course both have a little edge at the bottom to pop your beers or whatever. Knife is pretty sharp too! And the whole gadget is very sturdy and well put together. Well worth whatever you wanna pay! (Purchased 3 micros and one black stealth)

john sellars

I'm totally hooked on lighterbro! This one is to replace a lost one. I use a lighterbro every day. Indispensable! Thank you very much! Blackowl.