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  • Super Sharp Scissors -- Engineered to cleanly cut both dyneema braids and mono line
  • Flame -- Melt & expand mono to prevent knot & crimp pull through and fuse cut braid
  • Rig baits easily with LighteBro’s poker
  • Super sharp knife --- Ready for trimming, rigging bait, and filleting
  • Micro screwdriver turns most fishing reel small screws, both regular and phillips
  • Bottle opener always ready to cheers the trophy fish you just caught Unlike normal lighters, the Jet flame is windproof.


The LighterBro® Generation 3 multi-tool is manufactured using 100% imported Japanese 420 Stainless Steel and highly polished to a mirror finish. Its knife, screwdriver, poker, and scissors are spring loaded for fast action and bottle opener is integrated into bottom of the multi-tool for instant use. Push the lighter past bottle opener stop for a more compact package when carried. LighterBro logo is laser engraved for maximum durability. Lighten-up with LighterBro Today! Lighter not included. LighterBro® Classic multi-tool weighs only 1.75 Oz Works with Bic® and Clipper® Lighters

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Trevor H
The best lighter case on the market

Iv been buying lighterbros for years and they never fail to draw attention. Whether it's with the utility from the scissors,knife, or screwdriver poker people are drawn to it and when they ask "what is that?" I tell them it's a "lighterbro". The designs are crisp and stand out they last for damn near forever. And with great customer service and smoothe online ordering. There isnt a single reason not to buy one.

Paul Krebel
Best Gadget for your lighter

It’s an eye catcher on every party and also it works as a tool way better than expected. I never leave the house without it and the knives is still sharp after a lot of using it

Vicente Casanova
Best lighter accessorie

I've used a lot of lighter accessories but this is the best lighter accessorie it last along time I've had another that lasted 5 years before I had to buy another

Chris Lee
Bass ass

I love my bros got a bunch cause I lost one once they help me chill they help me grill. Must have, buy more then one when I lost mine I felt like I was missing my bro I still poor a bit of beer for my fallen bro . But now I got more

Milton George

If you love fishing, or just appreciate an incredibly AWESOME and beautiful product, updated to the latest maximum, this one is for you !!