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 Sharp Knife, Precise Scissors, Instant Bottle Opener

Look at your LighterBro PRO Yo! Now flip out the necessary razor sharp box cutting Japanese Katana Sword 420 Stainless Steel kickass knife and stare at certain utility. Know in a jam it will work as a regular screwdriver. Now put that knife away and completely unfold the best micro-tool, precision, spring-loaded scissors you will ever use! Then take care of business and crack open a frosty bottle with our instant ready Bottle Opener. Nice! All main functions are essential for Everyday Carry!


Fire, Micro Screwdriver / Poker, Universal Wrench

Need to start a fire? LighterBro PRO has you covered, securely holding both disposable/refillable lighters Bic and Clipper brands. The Micro Screwdriver/Poker is an absolute sunglass savior and is perfect for poking, scraping, or dabbing something. The Universal Wrench will grip onto many different surfaces, like a spark plug, stripped nut, or drywall screw, to both loosen and tighten. LighterBro PRO’s flat top plate is perfect for sealing off small openings and LighterBro Flame logo is laser engraved into the polished metal.


 3 Hex Drives, Dual Precision Rulers, Secure Anchor Point

With 3/16 inch, 1/4 inch, 5/16 inch hex drives you are always ready to bust a nut loose or tighten one home. Precision Metric and Standard rulers make measuring things fun again! So you don’t ever lose your LighterBro PRO, an ultra secure attachment point is located across from the ¼ inch drive hole, accommodating a 5 millimeter carabiner for secure attachment to anything. Now you will never loose your LighterBro Pro!


1/4" Hex Bit Drive, Shackle Key/Slot Wrench, #3 Phillips Bit

1/4 inch Hex Drive accepts any standard 1/4 inch drive bit. Screwdriver, allen and socket wrench bits all work great! LighterBro PRO includes a locking #3 Phillips bit, necessary for larger type snowboard/wakeboard binding screws, which securely snaps into the bottom of the LighterBro PRO for convenient storage. Tip: To better use bit, insert lighter upside-down in the sleeve, so bit presses against lighter’s flint wheels and crank away. The Shackle Key/Slot Wrench is 'key' for sailing shackles, wing nuts and eyebolts. What a giant help in such a small package!