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A new spin on the Pocket Knife:

The LighterBro pocket knife A pocket knife with fire!

  Pocket knives  have become more complex with additional tools and extra weight that is just not very useful. LighterBro has taken only the tools, you actually use, and merged them with the most fundamental tool missing from every other pocket knife: FIRE. This high quality, 100% stainless steel has: Scissors, Knife, Bottle Opener, screwdriver, all wrapped seamlessly around your Bic lighter. See the featuers and specs of the different pocket knife models available here

Pocket Knife reviews of the LighterBro are 100% positive.  

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The Stealth
Read reviews and press reviews on the LighterBro here 

What's the best pocket knife review?

The best pocket knife reviews that do not feature fire, check out the bestpocketknifetoday .com.   They almost have a very comprehensive guide that has not yet discovered and reviewed the LighterBro.  For now, they, along with many other folding pocket knife review websites, are limited to mostly the brands: Kershaw, Banchmade, Gerber, spyderco and Wenger. For independent unbiased pocket knife reviews that include the Lighterbro, watch some of these 20 youtube gear review channels that use and then review only the best pockettools.   You will see it is endorsed as the best pocketknife for fishing, backpacking, camping, boating,  wilderness survival, hunting, and urban survival.  


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