Introducing a new spin on the multi-tool: The LighterBro

The Icon


  • Save time  hunting for a lighter when you need it most:  BBQ, camp fire, Stove, birthday candles

  • Easily open all of those boxes and packages with the razor sharp knife

  • Save room in your pockets by combining your lighter and multitool

  • Save time digging around for a bottle opener when you need it

  • Trim that thread before your shirt comes unwound

  • Never have to live with loose glasses with the convenience the glass screwdriver in your pocket


Multi-tools are getting more and more complex with additional tools that are just not useful. We have taken just the tools, that you actually use, and married them with the most fundamental tool missing from every other multi-tool: FIRE.

Add fire to your multitool with LighterBro. High quality, 100% stainless steel featuring: Scissors, Knife, Bottle Opener, screwdriver, all wrapped seamlessly around your Bic lighter.  

See the details and different models available here Multitool reviews on the LighterBro are 100% positive.  

See for yourself  

What's the best multitool review?

For the best Multitool reviews that do not feature fire, check out the outdoor gearlab multi tool reviews.   They almost have a very comprehensive guide, but have not yet, but will soon discover and review the LighterBro.  For now, they, along with many other multitool review websites, are limited to mostly Gerber, Leatherman and Wenger. For unbiased, independent multitool reviews that include the Lighterbro, check out one of these 20 youtube gear review channels that use and then review only the best multitools.   You will discover the best multitool for fishing, camping, hunting, boating, backpacking, wilderness survival, and urban survival includes fire an goes by the name: Lighterbro

The Stealth

Exceptional cutting edge. Sharp right out of the box and stays that way after a lot of cutting. Scissors that cut well, durable, and feel smooth.