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How to Grip a Skateboard Deck

The video below will demonstrate how to put grip tape on a skateboard deck and how to make your skateboard look cool quickly and neatly with a LighterBro skateboard multi-tool. The only tools you need are contained in the LighterBro to apply the grip, trim the edges, and poke the bolt holes. As you can see in the video, the steps are: 1. Apply the grip by pulling on a little bit of the paper backing at a time, while rolling it on the board. Workout any bubbles as you go. 2. Using the LighteBro multi tool knife blade, trim the edges. Clean up any edges at the end by scraping the back of the LighterBro over the edges. 3. Using the LighterBro poker, poke transfer the hole in the deck through the grip. Then push the poker in through the grip side all the way untill it bottoms out on the poker shoulder. Rotate the poker a few times while applying pressure. This will clear room for the bolt heads.  Now you have a perfectly grip tapped board!  Go have FUN!