LighterBro Fishing Multi Tool

The ultimate fishing tool for big game, sport and fly fishing.  Combining the most useful tools with fire.
  • Cut lines with ease
  • Melt the mono line for crimped connections
  • Rig bait easily with LighteBro's poker
  • Super sharp knife ready for trimming, rigging, bait, and fillet
  • Repair that loose reel with micro phillips screwdrwiver
  • Crack open an enjoy that cold drink with the bottle opener
  • Ultra convenient: Always at the ready, in your pocket or tethered with its lanyard

LighterBro fishing

Endorsement: International Game Fishing Association

Former International Game Fishing Association IGFA Tahitian/French Polynesia representative, Richard Postma acquired a LighterBro and sent us this outstanding endorsement:

"I think the Lighter bro has been one of the most practical and innovative tools for Sport Fishing. Lighter Bro is especially good for “Light Tackle” rigging. If you fish regular or for weekends you are always rigging hooks, leaders, dead baits and weights. You always need a sharp knife, Poker (for baits), clippers or scissors, a lighter (for singeing mono nylon and bait floss), and a bottle opener (when have to rig 50 bates before a morning bite). Well now you got it all on one deal. The quality is great-good hard stainless for a sharp knife and scissors and good corrosion resistance but of course if you do not clean the fish-blood or salt water off Lighter Bro you will be abusing this practical tool that could help you for a long time fishing. Now they made a lanyard with a snap so if you are rigging baits and get a bite you can unclip the “Bro” and leader a fish. every active fisherman or game boat should one in their tackle box"

Equip Yourself! with the ultimate fire-breathing fisherman's multitool!

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