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The First Independent LighterBro Review is in...

The first independent Internet youtube review is in. This first review publisher is a knife connoisseur. Is is good? Bad? Check it! Comment it. Or just buy a LighterBro and a see for yourself!

Introducing LighterBro

Introducing LighterBro


Sudden instantaneous realization shatters the darkness of your world and from everywhere bright natural light rains down upon you. It is trips like this into the wilderness of our world that make you appreciate the simplicity of nature, juxtaposed against the quickly fading memory of the busy place we just left behind and the merging of both, creating our world. Nature and man in unity and harmony is the inspiration behind LighterBro® multi-tools and its simple answer to helping make everyone's life just a little LighterBro®. Get a LighterBro® multi-tool not just for everything you need to survive, but for everything one needs to enjoy life. Imagine a world if everything man did was in harmony with nature. Wouldn't everything be easier? Let's all lighten our world. Think LighterBro®.