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  • Super Sharp Knife

    Super Sharp Knife

    1.9″ Japanese Katana sword inspired blade design with blunt tip that could be used as a regular screwdriver in a pinch. Manufactured with imported Japanese 420 alloy stainless steel that is heat treated and hardened. Careful… Super Sharp!

  • scrwedriver v3

    Micro Screwdriver

    Micro-Phillips size 000 screwdriver, 2″ length, 420 hardened stainless steel. Now you will always have one of those tiny screwdrivers you always need, but never have. Tighten your sunglasses already, then use it to poke the sand out of your iPhone® headphone jack when you get home from the beach.

  • 2Bottle Opener

    Bottle Opener

    We know most of you can already open a bottle with a lighter, but can you with only 1 hand? Well now you can with a LighterBro. Now think of all the fun things you can do with that free hand.

  • 1Scissors


    Engineered with the ferocious cutting power of a bald eagle’s beak, not even 300lb big-game fishing leader can withstand the spring-loaded LighterBro scissors. Yet, the refined nature of the Japanese hardened 420 stainless steel cuts even the most delicate garden flowers with care and precision.

  • compact-lighter-mode

    Low Profile Mode

    Push the lighter past the stop to make it as compact as possible.

  • Anti-Theft-Lighter


    Never lose your lighter or your LighterBro. The LighterBro comes with ring at the base making it easy to secure it to your keys, lanyard, chain, or pants.

  • clipper lighter stainless steel multitool

    Clipper Lighter

    Compatible with the refillable Clipper® Lighter. Saves the environment, save money, and choose your own fuel brand.

  • belt clip money clip lighter stainless steel multitool

    Pocket Clip

    Secure to you pants, belt, pocket, hat, or use as a money clip. The ClipClip is an optional accessory.

Customer Reviews

Perfect tool for Hike-Camp-Surf - Super Durable for everyday use

Oct 13, 2014 by Gabriel J. Venturelli

High quality, super durable, and beyond affordable. I use it everyday for my hiking, camping, and surfing adventures. I even used the scissors to cut open some huge lobster claws for the meat and the extra sharp knife to cut lemons the other nite, but be careful its super sharp. There's no multi tool out there more handy or durable!!!! I wouldn't leave home without it....
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Useful multi-tool of better than expected quality! You won't be disappointed!

Oct 10, 2014 by KD "KD"

I purchased one for camping supplies. My son saw it and wanted it for everyday use, so I gave him that one and purchased another for the camping supplies. My son says he uses one of these tools (knife, eyeglass screwdriver, scissors, bottle opener) everyday. Very well made and has stood up to everything my son has put it through. Quality was way better than expected for the price....
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Oct 03, 2014 by Michael Ramirez

If you\'re a camper or a smoker YOU WONT REGRET THIS!!! This now goes with me everywhere. I wasn\'t sure if it was worth the money at first and it definitely is!!! My daily routine is now to check wallet, phone, keys and LIGHTERBRO!!!...
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Very Cool Product...Bro

Oct 01, 2014 by Darley Fay

What a great invention. A swiss army wrapping a lighter. Bro...it really is handy! The knife is sharp and easy to access, while the screwdriver is perfect for eyeglasses and other very small screws. In fact, the day I leave it at home, I needed it to change a battery in a calculator. Will never leave home without it again! I bought a silver and gold one thinking they would be neat novelties, which they are, but they will now be Christmas stocking stuffers in 2014. Love em!...
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wish and a hope

Sep 04, 2014 by Jason

As cheap as they may be and as amazing as they look.. I am still too broke to afford one. :( meh college....
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You know what you're buying it for

Aug 11, 2014 by Lucius

The bottle opener is a no-brainer for convenience. The razor comes sharpened;emphasis on sharp. Even the scissors are sharp. Surprising precision for something so small, too. I actually used them to trim a busted fingernail. The mini-Philips screwdriver is great for watches, glasses, etc. It\'s like having a swiss army knife attached to your lighter.
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